Monday, June 30, 2008

Beat the Heat

Guess what I got myself for this summer heat? It's the perfect thing for smokin' hot weather when you have 8 more weeks of being pregnant. We got a sweet backyard pool.

Jun23.08_Our Backyard Pool (5)

It took 9 hours with two hoses to fill it. And it wasn't all too warm outside earlier this week, but we had to try it out anyways. Tim dove in so the shock wasn't so bad for him.

Jun24.08_Swimming & Hot Tubing (5)

But it's a wee bit harder for a pregnant chick to dive up and over the edge. I had to climb down the ladder and IT WAS CHILLY! But I did it! I went under and everything. We warmed up in the hot tub though.

Jun24.08_Swimming & Hot Tubing (29)
But it was super hot today and I spent the majority of my day lounging in our pool. It felt so nice. Ya, we're pretty classy with our backyard pool now. But boy, it sure is a GREAT way to beat the heat when you're pregnant!


Kim said...

We had one of those pools a few years ago and LOVED it. The kids adored it. Glad you are keeping comfy.

The Anderson Family said...

That looks so nice!! It has been hot up here. I think your pool is about the size of my backyard! You saw my pool eh!! If I lay just right I can almost fit!! What are your plans for summer? I'm coming down July 14th. Keep cool!!

Mike Peterson said...

That's awesome. I would love to get me one of those.

We were in Stirling today (Canada Day) visiting my aunt and uncles place and we drove past your house. I saw the pool in the yard and wondered how long you had had it.

Now I know.

Skye and Aaron said...

I'm so jealous! That looks so nice!!!!!!!