Thursday, April 03, 2008

Celebrating Tim

Tim made shopping for his birthday present pretty easy for me this year.... he bought his own. In fact he bought it back in January. Now that Tim's working at this new job with shift work, he thinks he'll have time to hunt this Fall. So he sold two of the guns he had at home and bought himself a rifle.... and a scope..... and reloading stuff.... and who knows what else to get his rifle set-up. It was a gift to Tim from Tim for his birthday 3 months away. What can ya do?

So I kept it pretty simple when his actual birthday came around. It's pretty much a guarantee that if I have to buy a gift for Tim it will include an article of clothing as my dear husband refusing to shop for his own clothes. But I switched it up and I think he was pretty suprised to see I had bought him something for the Wii instead.

I've told you before how Tim doesn't like cake right? Well he got TWO cakes. One for the family dinner - a texas sheet cake. He's likes that one cuz it's not really a cake and not really a brownie. Kinda a mixture of the two. And then on his real birthday I was super sick, but my sister came by and baked Tim an angel food caked with lemon cool whip (Thanks a bunch Brit!) while I napped. As that's what he asked me to make for his birthday, but that wasn't big enough to feed all the family. So two cakes...

Mar30.08_Tim's 28th Birthday Party 011 Mar31.08_Tim's 28th Birthday

And then there was the gift from Trent, Tara, & Blake. Remember the "It's a Girl" cup? Well it's now back on display at our house as Blake has avoided having to come near that dusty pink sleeper. (Lucky him!) So we'll see in August if "It's a Girl" for us.

its a girl 002

After 3 birthday dinners, 2 birthday cakes, a bunch of Wii stuff (the new game from his sister's family is SO MUCH FUN), many other great bday gifts from family, and a "It's a Girl!" cup -- I think we're complete in celebrating Tim's birthday for this year. Happy 28th Timmy!


Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Tim!

Those cakes look yummy! My hubby doesn't really like cake that much either!

So, does this mean that you'll be keeping us in suspense to what you're having till August? The suspense between you and Skye is killing me! LOL!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday to your hubbs. I love cake, I'll take his! ;)

A surprise baby? The best kind, can't wait to find out what "she" is...tee hee.