Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine!

I had the best Valentine's Day! My husband cooked me an amazing dinner. I got home from work (he had the day off) and he had prepared scalloped potatoes, honey butter carrots, a salad, and steak. We had Shirley Temples to drink. Oh wow was it all yummy. And for dessert...chocolate dipped strawberries. Mmmmmm! It was all so nice. And my gift (I told him to keep it simple this year) he bought me some Cocoa Butter because he says my tummy is starting to poke out and he heard that cocoa butter helps to prevent stretch marks when pregnant. Sounds good to me and it smells divine. Oh but the cutest thing was we sat down to eat and he got up and dimmed our dining room light. He said he was going to buy some candles then he thought "hey I'm an electrician...I'm just going to install a dimmer switch" -- he's the best and I'm so lucky.

Feb14.08_Valentine's Day 011

And now you ask what I got him for Valentine's Day. Well the day before we had this crazy weather in Stirling. I was honestly snowed in and couldn't get to work. I stayed home and baked. Tim has been asking since Christmas for some sugar cookies with icing on them. So I made heart-shaped cookies with pink icing. My dear husband has already eaten all of them. They were a hit.

Feb14.08_Valentine's Day 003

But because I was home all day I thought I'd try again to make bread dough. I had much better success this time. Elevation....needed much more flower last time. How come no one told me about elevation making a difference until I read that here? Duh! No wonder I could make bread dough in BC with my sister, but when I tried to make it exactly the same in Alberta it wouldn't turn out. (Thanks for the tip Casey) Anyways, I made two dozen buns (turned out perfectly).

Feb14.08_Valentine's Day 002

But you see Tim loves cinnamon rolls. I thought I'd do a slight variation on the cinnamon rolls and make sticky buns. Sounds good right? What a perfect gift/treat for him on Valentine's Day. Well with sticky buns, as soon as they come out of the oven you have to flip them upside down and then the sticky sauce runs all over them. They came out, they looked great, I tried to flip them but the stupid glass pan was too heavy. I asked Tim to flip the pan over for me. And the last thing I said to him was, "Don't flip them into the sink!" Tim flipped...right into the sink. I had my large bowl in there that I had the dough rising in so they fell in a heap into that (at least they missed the water). I didn't get mad. It was too funny to get mad at. Tim felt horrible! Do they look pretty? We ate them anyways. Happy Valentine's Day Tim! Only the best for you...

Feb14.08_Valentine's Day 007


Francis Family said...

Yum those cookies look good, i was going to make some but then i didnt ha, maybe today cuz i feel like eating cookies and icing...perfect pregnancy diet I think!

Kim said...

Mmmmmmm cookies. Oh my how I want some. You did it to me again. BTW, how utterly sweet, the v-day dinner and dimmer. LOVE IT...and the belly cream. Swoon.

Mike Peterson said...

Those sticky buns look good. I sure would have eaten them anyway. You can always send leftover my way, too.

The Whidden Family said...

Aw, Tim is so cute! I can't believe he put so much into planning cute things for you.
My husband on the other hand: "Sooo...I know it's Valentine's Day, but... there's a hockey game on..."
Haha - I complain, but I actually don't even mind. The winter season is ALREADY so full of other stuff we have to buy each other gifts for.
On the other hand, I would LOVE if my husband would eat all my baking in 2 days. Every time I bake something, it's always Carter and I that have to eat it up cuz no one else will. Maybe it has something to to with the fact that Jared's mom is a Home Ec teacher so nothing I ever bake could compare :)

Skye and Aaron said...

You are so domestic! Everything looks so delicious! What a cute V-Day gift!

Amanda said...

Yummy, those pictures are making me hungry!

Carrie said...

Mmmm! All of it looks yummy! My stomach is growling!

Happy Valentines!