Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Suzy Homemaker...I think not

Took yesterday afternoon off work. Went home and tried to be Suzy Homemaker. My sister gave me a recipe for bread that she said was fool proof. I've never made bread before as it takes way too long to make it in the evening when I get home from work. So this was my first attempt yesterday. And well...not so good. Actually horrible. The dough (or what was supposed to be dough) landed itself in the bottom of my garbage can.
Aug14 07_1st Attempt at Bread (3)

That now leaves me with 6.5 months to learn some homemaking skills before I'm off work and home full time. Cuz if I can't make bread by then, well good luck trying to learn with a newborn baby in the house. Or maybe I should just stick with what I know and bake cookies and banana bread instead. Suzy Homemaker...I think not!


Mike Peterson said...

Looks delicious!

Kim said...

When I first saw that photo, without reading the title, I thought, "How did she get a photograph of my stomach?" Welcome to post pregnancy...sorry to gross everyone out, but that is what my tummy looks like. Sad. Mine needs to go in the garbage too! Bread is hard...don't give up, you'll figure it out, it takes LOTS of practice!

moosh in indy. said...

I'll come teach you! I just made a coconut cake, even shredded the coconut myself.
My rules for bread:
Never let your salt touch your yeast.
Never let liquid above 140F touch your yeast. But it does have to be at least 120F. (BUY A THERMOMETER, even if it's just a $5 candy thermometer,it'll save you a lot of grief.)
High altitude needs MUCH less flour.
Dry air needs even less flour. (If the flour is dry it will soak up much more liquid.)
Good luck and I'll send you good bread vibes.