Thursday, August 16, 2007

I have dreamed a dream

I had a little girl. Ya, in my dream last night I had a little fair haired girl. A girl would be fantastic (not that a boy wouldn't be fantastic). The problem is coming up with a name for a girl. We can't seem to find a girl's name that we love. We have tons that are okay, but none that we love. We don't have that problem with boy names.

What are some great girl names?


Skye and Aaron said...

We have lots of girl names that we love, which is why i can't give them to you.....HA! But seriously, girl names are the easy ones, it's the boy names that make me crazy! Stratton was the ONLY one i loved...if we ever have another boy......the poor kid. Oh, and i totally hear you on the bread thing. The last time i made it, it was honestly like eating a piece of concrete....yuck.

Mike Peterson said...

We have 3 boys names and 2 girls names picked out. As long as we don't have more than 3 boys or 2 girls we will be okay.

We seem to prefer the classic (unoriginal) names, like Will, for example.

Ashlee said...

Hmmm, so you're not giving up your names eh? What about this..tell me the names some of your friends and relatives have used. You can't use those names cuz your too close to those people, but it'll be okay if I do..right?

Kendall & Julie Allred said...

Alright so here are some names others have used: Kaylin, Hannah, Haley, Livi, Sophie, Grace, Payton, Lizzy, Bella, Cammie, Samantha, Makenna, Ellie, Lucy and Ashley. I am assuming that the last one might not work.

Francis Family said...

Hey! How so you add people as your favorite blogs. I kind of get confused on these things. Which is weirs cuz usually i'm pretty good at figuring out computer stuff. And how would I put and new link page like if I want to put pictures of all my bracelets but on a seperate page? Maybe you are smarter than me! thanks

Carrie said...

Ooh! A dream huh? When I was first pregnant we wanted a boy really bad, but I kept having a recurring dream that I had had a girl. Wouldn't you believe it- it came true! I pictured her exactly how she looks now! Weird huh? Pregnant women have some pretty crazy and intuitive dreams sometimes! ;) Just wait until the last trimester for some of the weirdest dreams!

Anyways- here's some names for ya:
Abigail or Abby, Lily, Madison or Maddie, Ava, Teagan, Cami, Paige, Alyssa, Kaitlyn, Jacey, Reese, Jillian, Elizabeth, Claire, Adelyn, Addison, Keagan, Alexis, Hannah, Emily, Olivia, Savannah, Jessica, Samantha, Emma, Isabella or Isabelle, Sarah, Hailey, Avery, Mia, Anna, Grace or Gracie, Taylor, Morgan, Sydney, Kaylee or Kylee, Zoe, Lillian, Riley, Aspen, Makayla, and Reagan.

Hope that helps! A couple of these were ones that I like and the rest were from family or from my due date club (which was easy since we all just had our babies so there was lots of names to choose from!).

Kim said...

Kim, Kim is a good name, but you have a sister with that name don't you? Also, I am partial to Emmaree. LOL!

moosh in indy. said...

It may be gender neutral but it is awesome.
I'd love to help you but I had such a hard time with girl names too that I'm not giving up the leftovers.
I love old lady names.
(My middle name's Beth, it's pretty awesome too.)
Please don't spell anything really weird either, it's right up there with newlyweds in my book.