Thursday, May 24, 2007

Weird Stuff

I've been tagged by Casey to list 8 unknown/odd things about me. I enlisted my husband's services in coming up with some of these. He's apparently very aware of my weirdness. Anywho here we go:

8) I hate alarm clocks. I'd get up at 5 am every morning if it meant that I didn't have to listen to an alarm clock. The problem is that there's no way I'd be waking at 5 am without the assistance of an alarm clock. Yep, it's a double edged sword.

7) I'm extremely ticklish! Doesn't matter what part of my body. Even the thought of being tickled makes me shiver. Tim is terrible for tickling me all the time. He thinks it's great. He's learned the hard way that if I'm being tickled I don't hold back. I will do what I can to make you stop which will include pinching, kicking, and biting (I don't scratch and I'll explain that in the next point.) Early in our relationship he ended up with a huge bite mark on his shoulder from a time when he wouldn't stop tickling me (I gave him fair warning).

6) I cannot scratch! The thought of skin or other stuff under my nails gives me the creeps. The feeling I get when scratching skin is like dragging my nails down a chalkboard. It makes me shudder. Tim asks me to scratch his back and I have to refuse. I did offer to buy him one of those back scratcher thingys though.

5) Okay Casey...don't puke with this one. I cannot hang up the phone with my husband without telling Tim that I love him. I cannot let Tim go to work without getting a kiss, telling him that I love him, telling him to be careful & drive safe (one time I forgot the be careful & drive safe thing and he was in a car accident, now I never forget). I cannot go to bed without getting a kiss from Tim and telling him that I love him. And I cannot go to sleep without touching Tim. We can cuddle, spoon, touch feet, or hold hands (yes I make him hold my hand in bed...hehe). All of which are okay as long as we're touching. **Hey stop judging me. At least I'm admitting that it's weird by putting it on this list.**

4) I love bed! Not any bed. Just MY bed. It's my favorite place. If I wasn't too cheap and bought a second receiver for our satellite dish for my bedroom TV I'd never leave my bed. At night when I finally get to climb into bed I run towards it, let out a scream/squeal and jump onto the bed. And by the way I can't do the squeal on command. Tim has asked my over and over again to demonstrate the squeal for Trent & Tara and no can do.

3) I once had a stalker that I no longer remember. My family all remember it though. I was a server at a restaurant here in Lethbridge and apparently this dude would come in all the time and then wait out by my car. I guess police were involved and my mom and dad came to help me out with the situation. It was about 5.5 years ago and I have absolutely no recollection of this. I guess I suppressed it.

2) And I'm only mentioning this one cuz Casey bared her soul in hers. If I'm naked and there is a mirror I will dance. Not a naked sexy dance for Tim. It's not sexy at all and it only happens if I'm alone (or at least when I think Tim isn't watching). I remember the first time he caught me doing the jig. I was embarrassed and didn't realize he had been watching me the entire time. The odd thing is that before he caught me that day I didn't even realize that I would do this jig EVERY TIME naked me and a mirror were in the same room. I'm much more aware of it now.

1) Keep wet hair (that's not attached) away from me! I can't deal with wet hair. It doesn't even matter if it's my wet hair. I will dry heave (and sometimes throw-up) if I get one around my fingers while doing dishes, swimming, or showering. And if I get one in my food or heaven forbid my mouth...I'm done for. I will also throw-up if I see someone else pull a strand of hair from their mouth even if they are okay with it. Oh man, I'm gaging and my eyes are watering just writing this. So sick nasty!!

Now I tag: Skye, Mike, Julie W, and Julie A.


Julie said...

So, I was laughing pretty hard at the naked dancing part. I actually know what you are talking about, because I would occasionally get my groove on with the mirror - but tht was BEFORE I had kids. Now, I just try to avoid eye contact with the mirror's better that way.

I did my 8 things. The funny thing is, I have so many more that I have been remembering all day long. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't remember some of them at the time of posting.

BTW, Jared and I look at your pictures of going quading and camping, and we get green with envy. Someday, we'll get our toys, too...

moosh in indy. said...

Yes I gagged, but at least my little missionary got him a good woman.
Pulling hairballs out of the drain?

Ashlee said...

Cleaning drains...that's Tim's job. There's no way I could.

Skye and Aaron said...

oh my gosh Ashlee! I loved everything you put! Hilarious! But i'm totally with Julie in the whole avoiding the mirrors thing!