Friday, May 11, 2007

Camping...too much work!

Today we're going to go camping for the first time in our new (to us) trailer. But I was just wondering if ANYTHING could go right. We've had such a hard time getting things ready.

First off, all last week Tim worked on the lights & brakes wiring on our truck. Now Tim's an electrician, but wiring a truck for trailer lights and brakes isn't the same as a house or a motor. All done..the truck plug was corroded.

Then there was the electric brakes on the trailer. Now if we could only get the wheel off to look at the brakes we'd be doing well. Five people trying to loosen the bolts (yes bolts, not lugs) and four of us give up. An hour later Tim yells, "Are you kidding me?" What is the deal with Righty Loosey & Lefty Tighty??? Was someone smokin' crack when they put left threaded bolts on the wheels instead of sticking with a right thread. Lefty loosey is useless to us from now on? Problem solved.

Have I mentioned the water pump yet? Let's try it out. Works not bad, but there's a little leak. Perfect all we need to do is replace a seal. Now let's take the pump apart to get the seal off so that we know what to buy. Ooops, now we cracked the pump. Off to the store to buy a new water pump for a 1977 trailer. Five stores later, we find a pump. $100+ out of pocket and hopefully Tim knows some plumbing. All fixed.

And last night Tim worked on the tail/signal lights of the trailer. Easier said than done. Can't just replace the fixtures, we (and by "we" I mean Tim) needs to run all new wiring. Okay that's done..let's see how she works. Tail Lights--good! Right Turn Signal--good! Left Turn Signal--crap, both the right and left are flashing! The clock reads 11:30pm...oh well, we'll just make right turns all the way to the campsite.

While Tim worked on the lights last night I tried to pack the trailer. Supplies all fit with tons of storage to spare. Great! I tried to pack the food that I picked up at the grocery store on my way home from work. Problem #1: Why the heck won't the stupid trailer fridge get cold? It worked just the day before. Hmmmm guess I'll just have to use the fridge on propane. Problem #2: Where are all my groceries? I'm missing stuff. Did I put it in the trailer--no! Did I put it in the pantry--no! Did I put it in the deep freeze by mistake--no! Then I call the SuperStore (which is difficult cuz their number is unlisted, but I got it now). "Miss SuperStore, do you have some green onions, wine gums, granola bars, etc there that I may have left behind?" "Yes dear, we do. Bring your receipt in to prove what you bought and I'll give you the items you just listed." "I don't have my receipt. Can't you just give them to me? I just listed off a half dozen of completely random items--do you think I just guessed that someone left those behind in a single bag?"


moosh in indy. said...

Getting eaten by bears looks more appealing every moment of this post.

Skye and Aaron said...

HA HA!!! Loved it! I hope Superstore was nice enough to give you back your dang groceries! I hope you guys get out there.... and back home again!

Mike Peterson said...

At least it shoould be less work next time. Just imaging how much extra work it will be when you have a kid. Camping might be nothing more than a memory for the next few years.