Friday, April 13, 2007

RV vs Quad

Tim and I have decided that since selling his horse we now "need" another toy. We've narrowed our choices down to a holiday trailer or a quad. You can probably even guess what my pick is being that I'm scared spitless of bears and yet love camping. However I don't have a really good argument to put forward for the holiday trailer. All I have is:
1) Bears!
2) It would be way easier to pack all of our crap to go camping.
3) Softer bed than that stupid air mattress that we use in our tent.
4) A fridge would be friggin' awesome while camping.
5) A furnace would sure be nice some cold nights when you can't have a campfire cuz of a fire ban.

Tim's argument against my reasons:
1) We already have a tent.
2) No bears have gotten us yet.
3) I pack too much crap that we don't need already.
4) We don't have kids and therefore don't need a furnace or fridge.
Fine! And then Tim's vote goes towards the quad. Now there's now price difference between the trailers and the quads. The cost is roughly the same. Here are Tim arguments for the quad:
1) Wicked fun!
2) Can be used every month of the year in Southern Alberta (not so with a trailer).
3) We could exercise our dogs using the quad (cuz we wouldn't want to exercise ourselves).
4) Every cool guy around has either a dirt bike or quad (gotta love peer pressure).
5) We could take it camping with our TENT and use all the new trails that have been developed in the mountains for quads (okay I admit that one sounds fun).

And my arguments against:
1) I want a trailer.

Tim and I have surveyed a few people around and I seem to be loosing the battle. Even my own dear mother has chosen Tim's side. The closest I got was my dad who said to buy both--does he think we have oodles of money? However now he is even siding completely with Tim as he called last night to "talk quads" with Tim. At least Tim says that I get to pick the color of the quad.

What do you think? What is your vote?

Tim & I on my dad's quad!


Kim said...

Ooo, you know that is a toughy, but I say since you don't have kids yet, do the quad. In fact, if you can swing it, do two! Seriously, you will have SO much more fun in that then you will in the trailer...well almost more fun. LOL! Too bad you don't live closer, I would totally be your running partner!

moosh in indy. said...

You always ALWAYS end up smelling like pancakes if you stay in a trailer.

Tara said...

I say do both!!! Don't be cheap guys!