Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Oh Superstore!

Dear Superstore:

Even though you ticked me off last month by only giving me a free block of cheese after my purchase of over $250, I came back to you.

Last night was my monthly grocery shopping night. Yes monthly, but don’t take it personally–I just hate grocery shopping. Anyways, my husband and I stopped by after a long day of work and school. You see, today I’m hosting a Pampered Chef show and I need to buy the ingredients for the different recipes that my sister-in-law will be preparing at the Show. I gathered up everything I needed, minus a few that I wanted (why don’t you carry watermelon and why were your strawberries fuzzy) and proceeded to the cashier.

As usual I didn’t get the free gift (not cheese, but chicken strips this time) as I was just shy of your $150 marker. However I finally decided to use my PC Points to pay for my groceries. I have to say I was pleasantly surprized to find out that I have tons of points (I’ve never bothered to check how many I had) and that the points paid for all of my groceries that evening and even left me with another $70 to use next time.

For the reasons mentioned above (free gifts & PC points) as well as the "no fee" bank account I have with you, my super low interest mortgage that you gave me, and your contacts lens that are much cheaper than anywhere else in the city, I will continually come and visit you.




moosh in indy. said...

That's my kind of shopping experience!

Carrie said...

What Superstore is that and why don't we have one here? LOL!

Skye and Aaron said...

Oh my gosh, i had no idea Superstore offered that!!!!!!! I'm totally going there next time instead of my overpriced Safeway!!!! What's better than free groceries?!?!?