Thursday, January 11, 2007


Have you ever gone grocery shopping at the Superstore? Well Tim and I do all the time. It’s been awhile since our last trip, so we needed a ton of stuff yesterday. You know how in the flyer they alway have a coupon for something that you get if you spend $150 or $250 that day - well finally Tim and I reached the $250 one. Now they keep changing those flyers, but a lot of the time it’s if you spend $250 you get $50 off. So when the cashier told me $255 last night I thought, "Sweet, here comes my $50 off!" Not the case for this week’s flyer. Instead I got one sweet block of free No Name cheese. Which I suppose is better than what my sister got for spending $400 at Christmas...some bag of nasty looking shrimp. That's okay Superstore - I'll still come back to you.


Jenny said...

My husband is Scott Damstrom. His twin Shaun owns the First Perk and his mom and step dad own the Sport Shop.

Casey said...

I got an 18 lb. (9 kg) bag of grapefruit for $5 yesterday...screamin' deal, I thought of you and your cheese.