Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Windy Windy

Wind, wind go away! Come again another day! (Or is that a song about rain?) I hate the wind. Yes, we have no snow because of the wind, but I’d way rather have snow. This wind is driving me bonkers. Oh and if you think Lethbridge is bad – you should live in the middle of a field out in Stirling. Last Friday night was the worst since I’ve lived in Southern Alberta for sure. We woke up in the morning to find our Christmas decorations (outside ones) spread all over our yard. Tim took them down Friday after school and put them in those huge Rubbermaid containers. We found the container at the end of our driveway...empty. And then Tim went into the backyard to feed Diesel and Dexter and found some of our shingles on the ground. Sucky! Tim was all panicked cuz we were supposed to get rain or snow that evening. So we made a quick trip into town to pick up some shingles...no such luck. Apparently our shingles are a special order and Home Depot and Totem didn’t carry them. We went home and Tim used some leftover shingles that he had from our shed at our old house (totally the wrong color). Remember me telling you how steep our roof is...well my husband climbed it in 110 km/hr winds. He couldn’t climb up the back of our house on the gentle slope cuz the roof is too high and the ladder wouldn’t reach. Tim got the singles replaced by laying over the peak of the house (couldn’t stand on the steep side), but it was too cold for the tar to heat up and stick so he had to nail the bottoms of the shingles as well then put black dots of tar over the nail holes. It’s very pretty, but at least he beat the snow that came later that day. I’ll send him back up in the Spring on a less windy day, with warmer temperatures, and the matching shingles to do it all over again. Here are some pictures to prove he was up there in that wind on Saturday. I totally forgot we had a video camera or else I would’ve videoed him crawling up the roof too. Oh and no, we didn’t use a rope. We didn’t have one long enough.


Casey said...

You done got yo'self a real man!

Kim said...

SO CUTE. I just spent a large amount of time reading your blog. Ditto to the whole locking your doors thing! ;) Thanks for stopping by the old blog.