Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Birthday Parties

So of my 40-ish nieces and nephews, we had a few birthdays this month. But I only have pictures of two of the parties.

Time is just flying by. On the 17th Jayda turned 4 years old. It seems just like yesterday that I got a call from my sister at 7:00 in the morning saying she was in labour. I was super excited. I had to go into work to get a few things done and then I headed out to Jaffray to meet little Jayda....and now she's 4. Jayda had a My Little Pony party.

And then last night Tim and I went out to Barnwell to celebrate Kara's 2nd birthday. We had a super fun time. Kara was loving the cake and presents, but I don't think she really got the idea that it was HER birthday. Kara had a Fairy party.

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Skye and Aaron said...

Don't you love nieces and nephews! So great!

I had no idea you were so kind to us for our Wedding!?! Thanks a million times! That was so great of you! You probably kept me out of the psych ward, so you did everyone a big favor!!!!!