Wednesday, January 24, 2007

100 Things About Me

I saw this on a few other blogs and thought I'd give it a shot. So here it is, for you readers of my blog that don't know much about me--100 useless facts:

1. My name is Ashlee.
2. I’m 24 years old.
3. I’ve been married to Tim for almost 2.5 years.
4. We live in Stirling, Alberta.
5. I am the second oldest of 4 girls.
6. I work for the Government of Canada.
7. I’m an Executive Assistant.
8. Last week was my 5th Anniversary of working for the Federal Government.
9. Today is my 2nd Anniversary working for Canadian Food Inspection Agency.
10. I drive a truck 34 minutes (49.5km) one way to get to work each day.
11. I want a car to save on gas.
12. I’m not buying a car cuz I’m too cheap.
13. I "crunch" numbers over and over again when deciding on purchasing something.
14. Tim calls me "The Banker".
15. I have two horses, Felize & Jet.
16. I have two dogs, Diesel & Dexter.
17. I wish my dogs would stop chewing stuff and digging holes.
18. I want to build a garden shed in our backyard.
19. I want to clear out the garage by putting all that stuff in the new garden shed.
20. I love living out of town.
21. I have a hot tub and love it.
22. I love staring at the stars.
23. I can only find two constellations in the sky, The Big Dipper & Orion’s Belt.
24. I love camping.
25. I’m terrified that a bear will eat me while camping.
26. I love swimming in lakes around where I grew up (Jaffray, BC).
27. I hate all the weed infested lakes around Southern Alberta.
28. Tim is my absolute best friend.
29. My mom and sisters are my best girl friends.
30. I talk to my older sister on the phone AT LEAST three times a day...usually more.
31. I wish my younger sister and her husband would move back to Alberta for my own selfish reasons.
32. I wish my youngest sister would come and live with me this Fall after she graduates from High School.
33. I used to love going to the gym or going for a run and then I got married.
34. Now I say I have no time for the gym or running.
35. Brad Pitt is my all-time favorite celebrity.
36. I also love Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling.
37. My favorite movies are Top Gun, Dirty Dancing, Legends of the Fall & The Notebook.
38. My favorite soap opera is Days of our Lives.
39. My favorite TV show is America’s Next Top Model (or the Canadian version).
40. I prefer baking to cooking.
41. When I was 18 I had a job driving a 240 ton truck that was 28 feet wide at a coal mine in BC.
42. My birthday is July 19th.
43. Our best friends are Trent & Tara.
44. I love to dance, but never get to.
45. Tim and I met at a dance, which is strange cuz Tim hates to dance.
46. Tim was at the dance to pick up chicks.
47. Tim asked me for my number there in front of the guy I was sorta "seeing" at the time.
48. I gave my number to him and he called me the next day.
49. Tim backed out of a date that he already had planned for that day and took me instead (told the girl he had homework to do).
50. We went horseback riding.
51. I have about 40 nieces and nephews (yes, I’ve lost count).
52. About 98% of those nieces and nephews are on Tim’s side of the family.
53. I have one great niece and one great nephew.
54. My favorite music is Rap/Hip Hop.
55. I rarely listen to it now cuz Tim calls it noise.
56. I miss it.
57. I listen to it when Tim’s not around.
58. I’m not crafty.
59. I hate clutter and nic-nacks (sp?).
60. My house sometimes gets cluttered and it drives me bonkers.
61. Last July I went to Las Vegas for the first time.
62. I saw the East Coast of Canada (New Brunswick) before I ever saw the West Coast.
63. I grew up in BC but went to the West Coast for the first time when I was 23.
64. I prefer chewy candies over chocolate.
65. I prefer salt over sweets.
66. I love all forms of potatoes (mashed, scalloped, baked, chips, french fries, hashbrowns, etc).
67. I didn’t know how to make gravy until a few months after I was married.
68. My parents tried to show me how to make gravy, but I wasn’t interested.
69. My friend, Julie showed me how.
70. I prefer breakfast foods over lunch and dinner.
71. Tim and I will eat breakfast for dinner.
72. I used oven cleaner for the first time ever last Saturday.
73. It took my breath away.
74. I’m the picture taker in my family, therefore we have few pictures of me.
75. I always have my camera with me.
76. I’ve been to Ottawa 4 times (I think) for business.
77. Flying doesn’t scare me as I’m usually sleeping before we take off.
78. Yes I can stay asleep during the take off.
79. When I was younger I couldn’t stand sharing a bed with anyone cuz I hated if people got into my space.
80. Now I squish Tim to death all night long, but he doesn’t seem to mind.
81. My favorite casual restaurant is East Side Mario’s.
82. I don’t really like cake.
83. I love lemon meringue pie.
84. Hot dogs roasted over a fire are awesome.
85. My favorite fruit is Watermelon.
86. Chinese Food is yummy.
87. This is getting hard....I’m 5' 7".
88. I appear much taller as I wear "tall" shoes.
89. I own way too many pairs of boots.
90. I probably own 20 pairs of jeans (and don't make me count all my pants in general).
91. I only wear about 5 pairs of them.
92. I’m not soft spoken; Tim says I have a voice that carries.
93. It's pretty hard to embarrass me.
94. Saw the movie The Guardian the other day and loved it.
95. I sang to Tim at our wedding reception.
96. I totally blew it cuz I was nervous.
97. I teach Relief Society once a month.
98. I love the gospel.
99. I love my family.
100. I love Tim.


Skye and Aaron said...

Holy smokes! I don't think i could do that! I can barely think of 10 things about me! How sad is that?!?!?!?

Casey said...

Ryan Gosling is H U N K Y.
I think your list the best of everyone's I've seen.
I think I'm going to do it now.
(long distance best friends forever even though we've never met)

Tim & Ashlee said...

Ryan Gosling--totally hot even with that pervy mustache he's supporting these days.

And ya Casey, for sure LDBFFETWNM.

Come on Skye..I wanna see your 100 things.

Kim said...

You must've been really REALLY bored one day.

Jennifer said...

Ash, you guys have such an awesome blog! I can't believe it! I loved reading the "100 things about me" even though none of it was a surprise to me! And I love your slide show! I'm in awe! Keep it up!