Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oh Ya It's Cold

So I told you it was cold and this morning I took a picture of the temperature displayed in my truck on the way to work. Yes, it says -30. And that doesn't count the windchill which the radio says is around -39 again this morning. The other pictures are of Tim and I hot-tubing last night. Tim got his hair wet (not so smart in temperatures like these) and it froze in a mohawk. It's hard to see in the photos cuz of the steam that was coming off the water, but his hair was pure white.


Love Kim said...

I remember walking to the school bus when my hair was still kind of damp, and it would freeze. It's pretty neat. At least now you know what Tim would look like if he ever highlighted his hair eh?

Tim & Ashlee said...

Yes, his hair truly had "frosted" tips.