Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Oh ya, it's freezing here. It's been super cold for almost a week now. Yep, the weather station said with the wind chill our high will be -39 degrees Celsius today. Nice eh? Oh and for our family in the US, that's around -38 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, we're freezing in Southern Alberta. We actually have snow too. I'm sure we'll have a Chinook soon and it'll all disappear. But right now it's pretty.

I don't think our pets are loving it though. Their water keeps freezing. Which leaves Tim and I to haul buckets of water to our two horses and the dogs daily. We do have an electric water heater for our horses water trough, but in order to get it to work we have to string an electrical cord across our backyard and the problem is we have Dexter who LOVES to chew everything: hoses, buckets, sprinklers, extension cords, etc.

Tim's been working outside some lately, so we bought him some nice outdoor work clothes. Now he has insulated pants and coat. He says it's much warmer. The thick material stops the wind from blowing right through him.

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Love Kim said...

I hear you about it being WAY too cold. I can handle -10 but -39 is WAY WAY too cold.