Monday, November 20, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

So yesterday Tim and I tried to put some lights on the outside of our house. Well no such luck. Even with a tall latter we couldn't reach everything. So it ended up we had a straight string of lights along the top of our garage, a break, then another straight string above our window. Too ugly. With the peak over our main door we couldn't reach that part. And you can't really tell from this photo (taken back in June before we bought this house) but the slope of the roof is super crazy so we couldn't even stand on the roof to decorate the peak above the door. So instead we bought two spot lights (one red & one green) and pointed them at the house, put a lighted snowman thingy at the front door, and tried to string some lights on our tree in the front yard. We ran out after the first three wraps around the tree. I'll have to pick some up tonight. Maybe I can talk Tim into putting some lights around our doors and windows (fancy eh?). Ya our neighbours are totally showing us up with their decorations.

Okay I found a picture that shows the slope of the roof way better. See, that's why standing on our roof is almost impossible.

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Anonymous said...

You sure have a beautiful house !