Thursday, November 25, 2010

She cracks me up!

Kinsey talks so much that there is no filter from what she thinks to what she says. It keeps me laughing all day long. I just wanted to share a couple things she's said the last two days.

During Sunday School Kinsey was sitting with Tim (she's decided she doesn't do Nursery these days) and then when to sit with Bupbup to get some candy from his pocket. With Kinsey not on his lap Tim leans over and put his head in his hands. Kinsey watched Tim for a bit from Bupbup's lap, then got down, walked over to Tim and yelled "WAKE UP!" In the middle of Sunday school. Everyone was killing themselves laughing at Tim.

Recently when Kinsey is playing with Kamry or Danyca and she really wants them to pay attention or do something she'll use their middle names "Pamry Dawn" and "Danyca Rose". But I didn't think she actually knew that was their middle names (and I'm not sure where she figured out their middle names anyways). Anywho, yesterday Kinsey and I were at the church by ourselves. We were the only ones left there after cleaning up from a RS quilting day. She couldn't find me in the church and I could hear her calling "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy Rose! Mommy Rose!" So when I saw her I said "Did you just call me Mommy Rose?" And she replied, "Your name Mommy Dawn?" I told her it wasn't and then she said "What your name Mommy?" I said it was Ashlee Ann and now her favorite game is to ask what everyone's full names are.

And then today...I was cleaning up Kinsey's bookshelf in her room and she has some shapes flash cards that the box was wrecked. So I asked Kinsey to go to the kitchen and get a zip lock bag to put the flash cards in. She plays with my zip lock bags all the time and knows what they are.... or so I thought. She goes to the kitchen and comes back with a dish cloth. So I send her back to get a bag. She comes back again, but this time with a napkin. I said "No Kinsey. I said go get a little baggie like you put your sandwiches in." And Kinsey sighed and said, "For crying out loud Mommy." I was laughing so hard that I made her repeat it cuz I couldn't believe that she even knew that phrase let alone how to use it properly. (Her daddy says "For crying out loud" all the time.)


Skye and Aaron said...

Those are awesome! What a smart little girl!!

Julie Allred said...

I LOVE the 'for crying out loud'. Way to funny, I can't wait to see her today!! yay

The Whiddens said...

Haha, what a little cutie!