Monday, November 15, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Pavan!

So my baby sister is married! I just can't believe it. Is she really old enough? I guess so. :) Last week was crazy busy for me doing the last minute stuff for Britnee's wedding. Her wedding was on Saturday but it was in Portland so that meant a drive was involved too. Before we could go I had to finish up the slideshow and the "musical dating story". Plus Britnee had asked Tim and I to sing at the reception so that meant a few (or many) practice runs. Then there was the packing. Had a ton of stuff to take out to Portland. And now that Britnee is endowed that really gives us a big problem when it comes to a babysitter at the temple. We had no one to watch our little ones while we were at Britnee and Alan's sealing. Thank goodness for Facebook cuz a friend of a friend of a friend knew a YW that would come to the temple and watch our kids.

Kinsey was helping Daddy practice his guitar for our song for the wedding.
Anywho, we headed to Portland at 4pm when Tim got off work. We drove straight through. Kinsey is a fantastic traveller and I'm so glad. She's REALLY into Princesses right now, so add a dvd player with Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, and Ariel and you're set. Oh and you must bring along all of your princess barbies too. :)
Friday Tim and I wanted to go to the Portland Temple for a session. And as we're getting ready to go I realize I have forgotten my recommend at home. Lovely! Well after a few phone calls to the temple and back home to my Branch President I was able to go. So we got to do a session and we even got to be the witness couple. That celestial room is soooooo beautiful! It was breathtaking!

Saturday morning was so busy. Rush rush rush! But the worst part was Jennifer realized in the middle of the night that we all had forgotten Jayda's flower girl dress back here in Canada! So Dad and Jenn zipped out early to go and buy Jayda a new one for the wedding. And it was beautiful! We all made it to the temple on time and even without my recommend I was able to go in. Phew! Kinsey cried the ENTIRE time with the babysitter while we were in the temple. I had warned the babysitter that this would happen. She's got some bad separation anxiety right now. Won't even stay with people that she knows really well like Mama or her Aunties. (And we won't even discuss Nursery.) Has to have either me or Tim all the time. But Auntie B only gets married once and Tim and I weren't gonna miss it. So Kinsey just had to cry. (Sounds bad I know)

The new Mrs. Pavan looked stunning! Alan was one lucky groom. (I may be a bit bias) Of course it rained. Luckily it just misted for the picture taking part, but was WET! But we knew it would be. At least it was warm and the leaves and greenery were so beautiful for the photos.
The reception was so much fun too. Lots of laughs and a few happy tears too. Yummy food and fun dancing. Then the new Mr and Mrs had to leave. They had a flight to catch to New York to catch their cruise to the Bahamas.

We had a fantastic time at the wedding. Way too much fun! Sunday we did the drive home. 9 hrs and 20 mins from the hotel so not too bad. We had to make a few stops along the side of the road to "pee on the rocks" as my newly potty trained little girl doesn't have a very big bladder. (Gas station bathrooms are nasty so I was okay with her peeing on rocks instead.) But we made it home!


PS Sorry I have no pics of the Bride and Groom. I was in the wedding party and Tim was busy chasing Kinsey. I'll have to track some pics down.

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