Monday, April 05, 2010

Hoppy Easter

After Tim's birthday we switched gears into "Easter Mode". We packed up our holiday trailer (yes, in the cold) and headed out to BC for the weekend. Before going to the campground we stopped by Mama & Bupbup's house in Jaffray to decorate some Easter eggs.
Kinsey loved to color the eggs and then dip them.
Here's the finished product:

The next morning we headed to Fairmont Hot Springs. Love it there!

The Easter Bunny brought Kinsey some goggles and she would NOT take them off. Her poor little squished eyes.

We had a whole bunch of us camping there in Fairmont and we had awesome sites. Just us up in this one area. My entire family was there, Jenn with her family, Kimmy with her family, Britnee, Mom, & Dad. And Trent, Tara, & Blake joined us too. It was fun!

Easter morning was COLD! But Kinsey went out of the trailer to find a trail that the Easter Bunny had left her of little chocolate eggs that lead to her and Kamry's Easter baskets. There were a ton of those little eggs and at EACH ONE she's say "Oh egg!", pick it up and put it in her bag then say "Thank you Bunny!" It took us a very long time to reach the end of the trail.

She finally found her Easter basket. Very exciting!

Kinsey and her little cousins, Kamry & Danyca, all in their matching Easter jammies!

Mama & Bupbup did an Easter Egg hunt for everyone later that evening. Kinsey was napping but we didn't want her to miss out on the action. So I carried a sleeping Kinsey while searching through the forest for my Easter Egg. Found it!

Kinsey was slowly waking up when Tim found his egg. (Can you spot his egg?)She woke just in time to find her egg. Good thing too cuz she was very excited about it!Here we all are with our Easter Egg Hunt finds! It was so much fun!
Easter Sunday! Kinsey in her new Easter Dress!

The Family - Easter Sunday

We had such a fun time in Fairmont. It was dang cold though. But we survived. However I think we've all come home and now are sick (some much sicker than the others). Still it was worth it. We had a blast!

Happy Easter!

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