Monday, April 12, 2010

Farm Fun!

On Saturday we went out to the Rasmussen Farm in Cardston. The weather finally smartened up a bit so it wasn't sooooo freezing. Just kinda freezing. haha We got to do a bunch of fun things on the farm.
We went quading a bit with the little ones around the farm, but then they each fell asleep so Blake's grandma babysat both Kinsey and Blake while we took the quads and went geocaching.
We also got to help feed the baby lambs a couple of times. Kinsey loved the "wittle seep" (little sheep).
She thought it was neat the lambs had a bobby (bottle) just like she does.
She had this one little lamb that just would NOT leave her alone. All Kinsey wanted to do was hug and kiss it.

Kins loved being in the pen with all the little lambs, but she got a little concerned about them nibbling on her boots and coat.

Then she spotted the horsey. We love horses. Daddy took her over to pet their noses.

Uncle Trent brought over his horsey Maverick and Kinsey got to go for a ride.

She thought it was pretty fun riding that big horsey.

Uncle Trent took Kinsey for her first horsey ride. Fun fun!

My little Kinsey was so sick this day with a bad head cold. But she was a trooper. She still had so much fun out at the farm!

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