Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh No... The Big Three Ohh!

It's Tim's 30th Birthday! Crazy! I went all out. I love doing birthday parties, so a 30th birthday is fun stuff. Kinsey and I found all sorts of decorations and put them all up. Tim was working nightshift so while he was gone we decorated. We had the table done up, sign in the window, signs on the door, balloons, and some hangy things from the ceiling. It was too much fun. When he got home in the morning it was all done up. We had a bunch of people come over for Tim's party. Tim requested ribs, baked beans, and texas sheet cake. He got it all!

Took me and Kinsey forever to make and cut out this sign. (I'm so not crafty!)Kinsey wanted to open the presents:

Yes, he requested 30 candles on his cake!


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Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Tim! The big 3-0...Ryan and I are dreading that number...Love the decorations!