Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Loving Baking Together!

I've told you before about my Baking Buddy. We started with the Snugli, moved to the Bumbo Chair, then the highchair, and now she stands next to me on a chair.
Well she starts on the chair and then climbs her way up onto the counter. The little monkey!
We always bake together. If she's napping then I'll wait until she wakes to start baking. Now we never do anything fancy. Mostly cookies! It takes me probably 3 times as long to bake with her, but we have fun. She absolutely loves baking with Mommy.
She has to copy everything I do. If I put on an apron, then she needs hers on too. If I pull up my sleeves, then she needs hers pulled up too. If I wash my hands, then so does she.
She has to pour all the ingredients in and we count as we pour each in. I'll scoop up the ingredients and she'll squeal "Sinsey Help!" (Sinsey is how she says her own name.) I have a wee bit of a problem (or a big problem) with trying to keep her little fingers out of the stuff. I have little holes in everything. She says "poke, poke, poke" and just can't help herself. At least this time she was supposed to poke the huckleberries down into the batter for the muffins. (But I see a ton of huckleberries on her face - I think she snuck some.)
We make quite a mess with all the flour and sugar on her chair and the floor. That's always fun to clean up afterwards.
And sometimes we forget that the oven mitts go on our hands instead of our feet.
But we have fun together. It's something we both LOVE to do together. And Daddy loves the results. :)

PS Please excuse the wild hair. We usually bake in the mornings, before we get dress and "done-up" for the day. hehe


Skye and Aaron said...

I LOVE this post!! SO CUTE!!

The Anderson Family said...

Aww she is so cute! Emma loves to bake too, and help me cook dinner. I love your aprons... did you make them?

Amanda said...

Josh and I LOVE cooking together. Kinsey is so big! Scary how fast they grow, huh?

The Whiddens said...

My kids love to help me bake too. And it's true, it takes about 3 times longer, but they have fun! your aprons are adorable!