Friday, March 26, 2010

Camping! Finally!

We went camping! In March! It was cold, but we couldn't wait any longer. We bought our new trailer back in November and we haven't been able to use it... until now. Loved it! We stayed close to home as usually our first camping trip of the year starts like this or this. So we just went to the RV Park near Taber. It was really nice there down on the river. Not to mention we pretty much had the entire campground to ourselves. Kinsey couldn't get enough. She loved it and had to drag her inside the trailer to warm up. She had a blast. We had a few campfires and everyone came out at least one time for hot dogs, smores, and hot chocolate. Fun fun! Tim was called into work the last day we were there, but that was okay as we were only a few minutes away from his work. Kinsey and I went and dropped him off and we went swimming at the pool in Taber. Wow, that's a nice pool for kids. Kinsey had so much fun there too!

Tim and Kinsey warming up by the fire:
Kinsey & Daddy petting Diesel (Kinsey won't leave the dogs alone. She loves them!):
Kinsey with her FAVORITE person... her daddy:
Kinsey loved running through all the leaves. She liked the crunching sound:
Kinsey found some "smart pills" -- now she really will be smart when Bupbup shows them to her:
She wanted to stay outside forever!
She would feed the dogs one little bite of dog food at a time. And they let her:
And of course she had to play a little soccer in the leaves:

Can't wait to do this again VERY SOON! Yay Camping!


Skye and Aaron said...

That one picture of her and Tim looking at each other is just perfect! Glad you had a great time. And yes, we LOVE that pool out in Taber. Isn't it great?!

Kimberly Yuill said...