Thursday, February 19, 2009

Baking Buddy

I love baking. I can't bake anything fancy, but I still love it. I'm no Martha Stewart, but my husband loves the banana bread and cookies that I make. And these days, I have one awesome sidekick while I bake.

We started out baking in the Snugli:
But her little hands started reaching for everything so...
...we moved to the Bumbo seat:
But her long legs were in the way so... we use a high chair:
Before I know it my little baker will be standing on a chair next to me while we make cookies for Daddy's lunch. I wish I could pause time for just a little while. I'm sure enjoying this!


Skye and Aaron said...

Look at you! I'm not brave enough to even attempt to bake with little ones around!!! So cute!!

Francis Family said...

I love it when Kyla gets so excited to help me bake cookies and stuff. They do grow so fast, good for you for taking pictures and recording about it cuz it does fly by!

Kim said...

Good times! Love to bake once in a while.