Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Truck Time!

Over the past year Tim's been working on some upgrades and accessories for his truck. You see, Tim has been collecting pop cans for money and he fills up our vehicles at Fas Gas to get the cash back promo that they do. He's been saving all these $20 bills that he's been getting here and there from those two things and calls that his "Truck Fund".

He started with some stuff that can't really be seen like load levelling air bags with an onboard compressor and gauge. He's also done a 2" levelling kit, the headache rack and box rails, 3" tube running boards, chrome handles, chrome door spears, and a remote starter (okay that one was for me). But he is really excited about his most recent upgrade... his wheels. He got the big, chunky tires like he wanted and new rims. To be more specific they are American Eagle chrome on black rims and 35" Kelly Safari TSR tires. We're loving it! The truck barely even looks like the truck we bought a summer ago (the pictures just don't do it justice). We still have more that we want to do to the truck, but the Truck Fund is running low after the last purchase. But we're really happy about our new wheels and just love our truck!

AFTER (well in progress...):

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the burnt daisy said...

I will not show Dustin this post...
hahah looks great!