Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween

We had a super fun Halloween around here. Kinsey loved every minute of it and that totally made it for us. It's so great to see a little kids face light up. She's so excited about everything. What a fun age!

She was very interested in carving pumpkins:

The gooey insides didn't bother her one bit. She kept saying "Ohhhhh":

Here's our little ladybug:

She loved looking at herself in the mirror (such a girl eh?):

All set to go Trick or Treating:

Knocking on Granny Dodie's door:

Trying to steal some pumpkins:

Taking a little break cuz Trick or Treating is hard work:

Family Pic:

Showing off our pumpkins and her Halloween jammies (Judging by her face, I think the cement was cold. Ooops.):


Skye and Aaron said...

SO cute! I absolutely LOVE that last picture. The expression on her face is so adorable!!!

The Whiddens said...

She makes such a sweet little ladybug!

The Anderson Family said...

Cutie pie! At least you can see her costume!! We had a blizzard up here. It was great!

the burnt daisy said...

That picture of her infront of the door all by herself is my favorite!! So dang cute!! Good pictures!

the burnt daisy said...
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