Monday, November 23, 2009

Disney on Ice

We had the funnest weekend! It was a super long drive, but we went to Spokane. It was Mom's birthday and she wanted us all to celebrate with her there. What a great idea! It was a busy weekend. Saturday morning we left the Daddys at the hotel with the little ones and went to the Spokane Temple. Oh wow is it ever beautiful! I've only ever been to the Cardston Temple as there aren't too many around these parts. Then Saturday afternoon we went to The Olive Garden for Mama's birthday party. And after a little shopping we headed over to the ice arena for Disney on Ice. It was fantastic! Kinsey was in awe the entire 2 hours. She squealed and pointed and clapped and loved it all. It was so great to see her. I ended up staring at her with a silly smile on my face more than I did the show. To see your little one love and enjoy something so much is the absolute BEST thing. She spent most of the show standing on Bupbup's lap. You couldn't peal her eyes away from the skaters. The show was Mickey Mouse, The Lion King, Cars, Little Mermaid, & Tinkerbell. Kinsey loved all the animals in the Lion King and also loved trying to catch the bubbles (from the Little Mermaid) and the pixie dust (from Tinkerbell) that they shot out over the crowd. We had such great seats. It felt like we were right there on the ice too. haha So much fun!
Watching the show with Mommy:
Kinsey & Kamry loving it all:
Kinsey wearing her Tinkerbell tulip hat that Bupbup got her:
Kamry rockin' the Tinkerbell hat:
Kinsey with her worried face. This is the part in The Lion King where Moufasa is trampled by the wildebeasts. Kinsey was pointing, shaking her head, and saying "No no no". Bupbup told her the lion was "just sleeping". Oh boy!

I so wanna go back next year. Maybe Daddy will join us next time. I have a feeling he will!


The Anderson Family said...

Looks like you had a great time. I would love to take emma to something like that. I did the Doodlebops last easter with her and she loved that. Kinsey is so cute.

The Whiddens said...

That looks amazing! I have wanted to go to Disney on Ice for I don't even know how long! Kinsey looks so sweet in that Tinkerbell hat.

Carrie said...

That looks like so much fun! She really looks like she enjoyed herself! I LOVE the picture of you and Kinsey! Two beautiful girls!

Long time since I've stopped by here! I can't believe how much Kinsey has grown! Where does the time go?