Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ho Hooooo

My Kinsey is hilarious! This little girl keeps Tim and I in stitches all day long. She just doesn't stop....ever. Seriously, there's not pause or even a mute button on this little one. She talks non-stop. Ya she's only 15 mths but she can say anything. I think her favorite is "no, no, no" and she always says it three times just like that. My favorites are "mommy" and "I love you". I love it! Ball, puppy, and buffalo are the other ones that we hear a ton around here. When Tim calls us from work she will actually talk to him on the phone. It usually goes like this "Hi! Dad! I love you! Buh Bye!" And she's always very animated!

Kinsey's new favorite thing... Santa! I know! I was so prepared for one of those screaming/crying pictures of my Kinsey on Santa's knee this year, but no. She loves him. We had no problem getting her picture taken with him at the mall. Well, there was one little problem -- she wouldn't stop saying "Ho Hoooooo" long enough to smile for the camera. :) And then we went to Tim's work Christmas party and once again there was Santa. She had to keep going over to him to show Tim and I that "Ho Hooooo" was here. Oh ya, and according to Kinsey Santa doesn't have reindeer. He has a "buck". Yep, there's Mr. Ho Hooooo and his Buck! (Yes, she can say Santa but prefers to call him Ho Hoooo.)

Kinsey is so friendly. She would sit with absolutely anyone at church - even if we hardly know them. I chase her around church trying to save people from her. I've told my Mom that I can't let her out of the shopping cart when we go places cuz Kinsey would honestly take any stranger's hand and walk right out of the store with them. She's so trusting that it scares me. She's a handful, but such a sweetheart. I'll have to make a new video of her doing her "surprise face". It cracks me up! It's gonna be the perfect face for Christmas morning. Christmas is going to be a blast. Kinsey's so excited about everything. She's loving our Christmas Tree. She's pretty much stopped pulling the balls of the tree now cuz I showed her how to lay under the tree and look at the lights. She points to each light and says "pitty" (pretty).

And that's our Kinsey. She's a busy one, but way too much fun! We love her to pieces. Life must have been boring before her!

PS I no longer have to chase Kinsey around church on Sundays. She's not old enough to go to nursery, but Tim and I got put in as nursery leaders so she comes with us. I'm totally loving it! What a fun calling!


Francis Family said...

What a smart girl!! That's exactly how Kyla was, just like a little sponge! I love it all! They are at the best stage! (I think) :)

The Whiddens said...

She sounds like she has a fun little personality! Those are the best little girls :)

Rhodenizer Family said...

She sounds like Zac! He will chat and sit with anyone too! Infact, when we go to the play place he usually sits to talk with the Mom's rather than the kids. They are so FUN! We need to get up there so our kids can meet Kinsey. Thomas looks at the picture you sent and says "Oh, it's a cuuuuuuute little baby".