Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Well I have to say things have been fairly uneventful this past week or so. Thanksgiving was great and Tim and I hosted 14 people for dinner. And then my week was super quiet as Tim had to go out of town for work. I did a whole lot of nothing.

Tim got home late Friday night and then all day Saturday and Sunday he had a Firefighting course. Yes, Tim’s a firefighter in Stirling. But that’s a story all to itself. So Saturday while he was away I caught a ride with my parents who were in Alberta again to go and watch my sister Britnee play volleyball in Taber.

Sunday was a little more eventful as we went to church in Lethbridge for my cousin’s homecoming. Church was at 9:00am and while we were in sacrament meeting someone broke into a bunch of cars in the parking lot and stole tons of stuff. Pretty bold of the dude to smash windows in the daylight, but he did and he got away with it. No one saw a thing.

And that’s about it.

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Mike Peterson said...

I heard about the window smashing at the church. My boss' van was one of the vehicles that got hit. They took her purse but she found it in the dumpster in the parking lot. The kids only took the cash out of her wallet and then trashed the rest. Good thing too, because the real hassle is getting all new ID's. I had my wallet stolen once and the cash was the least of my problems.