Thursday, October 05, 2006

Here comes the weekend

Today is only Thursday, but it’s my Friday. I’m taking the day off of work tomorrow. My sister Jenn is coming to Alberta for the long weekend. She’ll be here by 5:00 – just when I’m finished work. So tomorrow we’re going to grocery shop for Thanksgiving Dinner food and just have a blast. I’m super excited. Her husband has to work (as does mine) so we’ll hang out together and do girl stuff (with her two kids of course – Jayda & Parker). We are just going to have the best time ever. I love hanging out with my sister.

On Saturday the rest of my family will be here too. Mom, Dad, Britnee along with Kimmy & Brendan will be spending the long weekend in Stirling. Yep, the turkey is on at my house. Gotta love Thanksgiving, eh? It’s awesome having my family come to our house to celebrate. Oh ya, I’m excited all right.


Anonymous said...

We are excited also! Luv Mom

Anonymous said...

I sure hope the turkey dinner goes better than those oatmeal raisin cookies did for you. Hehehe..... I'll eat it anyways though, b/c we all know that "if you put it infront of me, I'll eat it".