Monday, October 02, 2006

Farewell to Dude

On Saturday Tim and I sold one of our horses, Dude. After thinking about it for a while we both knew it was the thing to do. He actually sold really fast (in a few days) and we were surprized cuz we didn't thinking many people would be buying in the Fall. It looks like he's got a nice home to go to though. In the next few weeks Tim and I will go to Jaffray and pick up my sister's horse, Ritz. Tim told Kimmy that we'd take care of Ritz for a little while for her. So, we'll be back up to 3 horses shortley. We'll miss Dude though.


Anonymous said...

Such a cool picture of Tim and Dude! Luv Mom

Anonymous said...

Thats some nice clean water you guys are swimming in! That's Alberta for ya!!! Luv Kim