Thursday, October 26, 2006

Just Another Day

So what have we been up to? We’re just busy, busy, busy. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day anymore. It feels like we’re always running. Here’s a typical day for the Nilssons:

6:00am We’re up! Tim starts getting ready for work while Ashlee goes downstairs to make Tim’s lunch for the day.

6:20am Tim’s out the door and goes to feed the horses while Ashlee cleans up from the morning and gets herself ready for work.

7:30am Ashlee leaves Stirling for the 35 minute drive to work.

4:30pm Ashlee leaves work and does all her errands in town (appointments, groceries, returns, Wal-Mart stuff, etc).

5:15pm Tim finishes work (if it’s a good day) and then he does his errands in town before heading home (horse feed, dog food, vehicle maintenance, helping his wife, etc).

6:30-7:00pm Tim and Ashlee both arrive back home (that is if the errands go quickly). Ashlee starts dinner while Tim feeds the dogs and exercises them while going over to check on our foal (and feed the foal again).

8:00pm We eat dinner.

8:30pm Ashlee cleans up dinner while Tim starts on his "Honey Do" list (leaking toilet, mow lawn, clean dog’s pen, hang mirrors, finish our deck, etc)

9:00-10:30pm Tim continues on his "Honey Do" list while Ashlee attempts to get some housework done (baking for Tim’s lunch, laundry, vacuum, clean bathrooms, etc).

10:30pm We call it a night and decide to stop with the chores and such. Tim will finally get his shower. If we’re not too tired we’ll go in our hot tub before bed, but if it’s been a rough day then we just say goodnight and fall asleep watching CSI.

And it all starts again at 6:00am. Yes, that’s a typical day for us. The days when we have home teaching, visiting teaching, firefighting meetings, and Elders Quorum meetings are even worse. I feel as if I’m running on fumes. Our weekends are packed so full we don’t get to recuperate during them. I'm sure the majority of you are going through this as well. I know we're not alone with a busy schedule. Maybe things will slow down a bit this winter........maybe.


Casey said...

Pump a munchkin out...then you'll look back at the fact that you were once able to plan your day out and you'll fall in a heap on the floor and cry, then you'll realize there's a peanut butter sandwich stuck to the bottom of your table, then you'll have a whole new mess of crap to deal with. Ah, the joys of parenthood :)

Tim & Ashlee said...

I'm sure you're right Casey. One day (after a kid or two) Tim and I will look back and think of today when we had so much "free time"!