Monday, June 07, 2010

Camping - Writing on Stone

Had to stick with the tradition and do Writing on Stone again this year. We had a big crew this time and it was a ton of fun. The weather cooperated and we didn't have rain. We're really tired of rain! It was so good to see all of our Alberta family and friends now that we've moved to BC. The drive to Writing on Stone was MUCH longer coming all the way from Jaffray though. But it was worth it.Our Kinsey does NOT like to get dirty. She was very upset about her barefeet being the the sand on the beach.
Saturday morning Kinsey wanted to see what Daddy was cooking on the grill and grabbed it. She burnt both her little hand very badly! I felt so bad for her. :-( Her hands were so blistered! But she's a trooper and bounced back later that afternoon. Love her!After a lot of tears, some painkillers, some bandages, a blessing, a long nap, and a ton of kisses... she was all smiles again! Tough little girl! She had to show every stranger in the campground her "mitts" (bandages) that she had to wear because her hands were "Ouchie! Hot hands!"

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