Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Ride Around The Mountain!

My favorite quad ride is the one around the mountain range here. It's a long ride (took us like 5 hrs). I haven't been on a good long ride in years because of either being pregnant, nursing, or no babysitter (you know, mommy stuff). I was so glad that I got to go. Tim wanted to take his dad on that ride too. It's so pretty. This here is a waterfall that we can look over. There are like 5 or so hunting/guiding cabins on that trail around the mountains.

There must have been some CRAZY spring run-off this year cuz the trail was really cut up. The pic doesn't show it too well, but Tim's one tire is way off the ground here just trying to cross this deep rut.
And then the trail to cross this creek was completely washed out. We didn't want to turn around....so we made it through. It's so hard to tell from the pictures, but this was a really steep drop down into the river. My Dad and Tim's Dad had to hold the quad back so it didn't flip over while Tim drove it down.
Then to get up the other side, we had to winch the quads up the steep bank. It made for some extra fun on the trip! Dad and Tim love this kind of stuff! However it was Tim's dad's first time quading....maybe not so much for beginners.
Found this GIANT tree along the way!And of course if there's deep water to play in.....Tim will. He went back and forth a million times playing in the river.
Tim and his dad enjoying the view!
I love, love, love going for a good quad ride! Wohoo! Lucky for us, we live in the most beautiful place to quad!

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