Friday, May 21, 2010

Big News

So I know we've been "missing" for a while, but with good reason. We moved! We have been busy busy. Tim got the job as the Head Electrician at the lumber mill near Jaffray. We're so excited.
We put our house up for sale, loaded up our holiday trailer, and came to Jaffray. Tim's now been working at the mill for two weeks and really likes it there. We're living in our trailer right now until we decide what we want to do as far as housing goes -- buy or build. Each morning when I open the blinds Kinsey says, "Oh trees! Two trees! Oh mountains!" (In Kinsey language "two" means "a lot".) Yes, I love the trees and mountains here too. Stirling was short on those two things.It's been a crazy few weeks, but we're so happy to be here in Jaffray. Kinsey loves spending time with all her little cousins around here. And we can't complain about the quadding that is possible around here. Oh and the lakes! Love the lakes! I must admit that it still doesn't seem "real" to me that after 10 years I'm living in Jaffray again. Feels like we're on a extended vacation here (but Tim goes to work).



Skye and Aaron said...

Wow that was fast! How nice though to be close to family, and it looks so beautiful out there! Glad you're loving it!

The Anderson Family said...

What???!! Holy cow I had no idea you moved! That's great that you are back in Jaffery. It's so pretty there. Maybe we'll have to come out there sometime and you'll have to take us out quading on some trails. We are looking at buying some this week. Good Luck out there, hope everything goes good!