Monday, February 22, 2010

One of THOSE weeks...

So last week stunk! (Is that even a real word?) We had some bad luck. I found myself walking around saying "Seriously? Seriously?" after more things kept going wrong. (I think I watch too much Grey's Anatomy.)

First, our check engine light in our car came on so we had to take it to town to find out what's wrong. The problem can be fixed under warranty but it still cost us from them to look over the car. But on the way to town a stupid bird flew into the car's grille and broke it. That was Thursday night. So I guess that was 2 bad luck things.

Then we headed to Jaffray for the weekend and had a bunch of fun, but when we got home on Monday we found out that our deep freeze wasn't closed tight. Yep, a bunch of thawed food. What a waste. I had to throw up so much. More bad luck.

Then Kinsey woke up Wednesday morning with a rash that covered her from head to toe -- seriously. Back to the doctor we went. She has a viral rash and an ear infection. No fun! (I checked out the calendar and since her cracked elbow ER visit the very end of October we've been to the doctor every two weeks since. Each for real things too. Not just a paranoid Mommy. Man!)

Then on Thursday night Tim was backing out of our driveway to head to work and he backed into my sister's car. Tons of damage on Britnee's car and our bumper is all cracked. Ya, $$$$! And we don't want to put it through our insurance cuz our insurance rates would go sky high for the next 6 years. Not cool!

Then Friday night I kept hearing a clicking noise coming from the kitchen. But I couldn't find out what it was. Well Saturday night I figured it out when I noticed that my freezer was completely thawed. Yep, our fridge has now died too. It's only 5 years old! Sheesh!

I had an appointment for lasik eye surgery for this weekend, but I had to cancel it after all this stuff happened now. I'm bummed. I hate wearing glasses and I can no longer wear contacts. What do ya do though? Gotta fix cars and fridges instead.

Yep it's been one of those weeks where I'm nervous to go outside cuz something may fall from the sky and land on me. haha. Gotta laugh or else I may just cry. Ya that was one awesome week. But it's all okay cuz none of that is a big deal right? I have all the things that really matter. The rest is just stuff. However...

Seriously? Seriously? Ya, seriously!


Skye and Aaron said...

That is one crappy week! Well, at least it can only go up from here right?! I hope so!!! Hang in there!!!!

Amanda said...

Wow! You've had a rough week! I sure hope Kinsey is feeling better and that things fall into place for you and you can get the eye procedure done pronto!

The Whiddens said...

Aw, that sucks Ashlee! Hope you're having a better week this week.