Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cool Stuff

I told you in my last post that our fridge died on the weekend. Tim was working nighshifts so he didn't get a chance to look at it until yesterday morning when he got home. He found out that our fridge wasn't a complete write off and it could probably be fixed.

Kinsey was very interested in what Daddy was doing to the fridge and had to get right in there with him. (Please ignore the crazy morning hair.)After watching Daddy for a bit she wondered away and came back with a little step to sit on. But watching wasn't enough, she grabbed the screwdriver and got right in there with Daddy.

The repairman came later that afternoon and got our fridge working for us. (Nothing that $$ can't fix right? haha) Thank goodness cuz it was really inconvenient using coolers out on our back deck for our food. The guy was here for about an hour fixing our fridge and the entire time Kinsey had to be there watching him. He had the fridge pulled out on an angle and he was kneeling behind it. Kinsey had to go around to the other side of the fridge where there was about a 6" gap between the wall and the back of the fridge. She peeked at the guy through the little gap. She kept saying to him "Fridge? Fridge?" I guess she was wondering what he was up to. But she was also very polite and kept offering him a cookie or a drink. She'd say "Cookie? Ya? Drink? Ya?" Over and over again. It was really cute. I wish I took a picture of her peeking through the gap at him.

I took "advantage" of our fridge being empty to give it a super good cleaning. Every corner is sparkling and it's all nice and organized. The freezer had to be cleaned as I had melted popsicles all over in it (it sucks when your stuff thaws). Kinsey loved the clean fridge. When I'd turn my back for a second she'd climb right in, but kept telling me that she was "Freezing!" (She makes tight fists and shakes her head and arms when she says "Freezing". It's so funny. She does it when we're in the freezer section at the grocery store too.) Ya, it's supposed to be cold Kinsey.

Even with the shelves put in she pulled out the crispers and tried to climb in there. She was very upset when I put the food back in as she no longer had a "cool" place to hid. :)
My Kinsey even makes me laugh while cleaning the fridge. I'm so lucky to have her. She makes everything fun!


Skye and Aaron said...

She looks so cute sitting in there. I really want to clean my fridge now!!!!

The Whiddens said...

She looks like a great little helper! What a sweet little gal.
And I thought the same thing as Skye... I am totally fighting off the urge to go and clean my fridge now! What the?