Monday, February 01, 2010

Church Day

Is it brain washing when I say "Church Day! Church Day!" and Kinsey replies "Happy! Happy! Happy!" For real, that's how it works around here on Church Days.

Our Church is at 9:00 and for us girls that don't usually wake up till 9:00 that's early. So morning comes and I'm rushing to get me and Kinsey dressed, hair done, and fed. As well as snack for Kinsey as sometimes she doesn't eat her breakfast quick enough and Nursery snack. So to keep the two of us (and Daddy if he's home) motivated and "running" to get to church before 9 then I keep saying "Church Day! Church Day! Happy! Happy! Happy!" I honestly say it all morning while getting ready and not on purpose. I just say it now out of habit I think. Well now all I have to do is the "Church Day!" part and Kinsey finishes up with the "Happy!"

Nursery is really coming along. It feels like my nursery now. I have 10 kids -- the junior nursery. They're all 2 and under. But it's good. I actually really like being the nursery leader. Totally exhausting though. I feel like I'm standing on my head for two straight hours. So when I do the Church Day Chant it's probably more for me than anyone else. Keeps me going! Try it next Sunday. It totally works. And you can even get your kids on board with the chant, but probably not your husband. (Tim said yesterday morning as I was running around getting everything ready that I was like a "junk yard dog". Oh yes, he did. And it was so true. Whatever, 9:00 church is early and we got there with no time to spare. See...... haha)


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The Whiddens said...

Okay, that's REALLY funny!