Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our Christmas in Jaffray

We spent this past weekend in Jaffray. We're not able to spend Christmas there this year as Tim has to work from the 22nd until the morning of the 28th (stupid shiftwork!). So anyways, we went into Jaffray to do our Christmas there with family. It was a busy, fun filled weekend!

We left for BC first thing Friday morning. But along the way we had to stop and mail Kinsey's letter to Santa. Let's hope he gets the letter in time!

And Friday afternoon we had a gingerbread house making party at my sister Jenn's house. Ya, I totally sucked at that. My roof kept sliding down and the walls caving in. So I don't have a picture of our gingerbread house/pile as it really was that bad! And Friday evening we had a house warming party at my sister Kimmy's house. Yep, she moved back to Jaffray after being in Castlegar for the last two years. We're so excited to have Brendan, Kimmy & Kamry closer!

Saturday we went to the Live Nativity at the Church. And Kinsey got matching shirts for her buddies Danyca and Kamry to all where to the Nativity and to the carolling thing afterwards. Kinsey was very excited about all the animals at the Nativity. She especially liked the "gonkey" (donkey) and Daddy even got a ride on it for her. She didn't stop telling me about how the donkeys says "ho haw" for the next two days.

And here is Kinsey and her cousins on Sunday in the beautiful Christmas dresses/clothes. Sunday night we all went to Jenn's and had an appetizer party (so yummy) and watched The Nativity movie.

Monday Me, Tim, and Kinsey went out a visited all our extended family in Jaffray and dropped of Christmas cards. Then that night we had our big turkey dinner at Mom's. After dinner we did some gift exchanges. And the little ones loved opening some presents early.
Here are Mama & Bupbup's favorite little people: Kinsey, Jayda, Kamry, Parker, & Danyca.
Here's the whole family:
And now that we're back at home Kinsey is having a blast playing with her new table, blocks, and books. And all day long she asks me where "Ganca, Parper, Jaja, and Kware" are. I'm not joking. She asks me a million times a day.

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