Monday, July 27, 2009

McLean Creek Camping

This last weekend we went camping up in Kananaskis at McLean creek. We went with Trent, Tara, & Blake and Adam, Steph, & Clinton. We stayed in a really nice place and got to see some dirtbikers try and climb the hill called The Widow Maker (they eventually made it). Saw some 4x4ing. Saw some idiots sink their truck in a giant mud hole. Tim was so bummed that he didn't have his quad with him.

Here's Kinsey sleeping on Clinton's shoulder after a little bike ride:
Elbow Falls:

Kinsey & Blake enjoying the view:

Kinsey & Mommy:

Another pic of Kinsey & Blake at Elbow Falls:

Some 4x4ing that the boys did while the girls and babies were back at camp:

Kinsey REALLY enjoyed camping - just listen:

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Kimberly Yuill said...

What a beautiful place! Her little laugh is so adorable!!!