Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter & Camping

Tim had five days off, so we headed out camping for our Easter Weekend! Our first trip of the year never goes as planned and this was no exception. The place we had planned to camp still had so much snow. So at the last minute we switched campgrounds. We ended up going to Lundbrick Falls. It was a really nice little campsite right on the river. It was pretty chilly at night, but we dressed warm and it was cozy in the trailer. The Easter Bunny brought Mommy and Daddy some new bikes (what a good guy) so it was fun to pull Kinsey around in her Chariot with the bikes. She loved it. It was an easy way to put her to sleep. Kinsey was very sick though. She and I have been sick for over a month now. This time she was puking everywhere. Poor little girl couldn’t keep anything down. She even puked all over her new Easter dress. But she was still very happy while camping and was sleeping through the night. Weird!

Hanging out with Mommy in the trailer (with some wild hair):
Decorating Easter Eggs:
Kinsey loves camping:
Roasting some hot dogs with Daddy:
She was really excited about her 1st Easter basket. Thank goodness the Easter Bunny found her camping:
Her pretty Easter dress:
On Sunday we headed to Jaffray for a few days. Tim did a ton of quading and I actually got to go for a ride too. It's the longest I've ever been away from Kinsey. But Kinsey's Mama did a very good job of taking care of her. It was so fun to go quading again after 17 months of not being able to go on a "real" ride.
We found a HUGE mud hole that Tim just had to play in:


The Whiddens said...

First camping trip already? I am jealous! It looks like a blast and Kinsey looks so much older these days. Her poor little red cheeks - my kids get red cheeks when they are sick, too.

Kim said...

Look at her beautiful rosy cheeks and her yellow dress! Oh she is gorgeous.