Friday, February 13, 2009

Sleep Tight

My baby has slept through the night for a week straight! I loved it! I know some of you can say that when you baby is only a month old....well not us. We've been working on the sleeping for about 5 1/2 mths now. hehe
Do I think that from now on she'll continue to sleep through the night? No. Do I think that she won't be sleeping between Tim and I anymore? No. Do I think that tonight I'll be up every hour on the hour? Yep.

But it sure has been a nice week. I've got way more accomplished during the days this last week than I have since Kinsey was born. Sleep is nice!


Skye and Aaron said...

Man sleep is so important! I hope she keeps it up for you!!!

The Whiddens said...

Yay! Sleeping throught the night is awesome, good job Kinsey!

The Anderson Family said...

Lucky you! Lets hope that it continues for you. I'm hoping that someday I'll get to know what that is like again!! Tobin is doing not too bad... he could be sleeping better!