Monday, July 07, 2008

Just Click Away

Whoa! Thanks to "Anonymous" for the mean comment they left on MY blog. (Pretty brave when you don't have to sign your name.) Here's the's MY blog and I'll write what I want on MY blog. No one is out there forcing you to read -- so don't. Just click away. I don't need your snarky comments. My previous post was NOT meant to sound as if I was complaining. And I guess that's a risk I take when I type out my thoughts. It was a post about what's happening with me and my baby during my pregnancy for MY journal keeping and so that MY friends and family know what's going on. And I've re-read the post where you left your comment and I still don't see that it reads as though as I was complaining -- I read it as stating the facts for me and to update my family and my friends. But I guess that's the chance I take when I type posts as it's pretty hard for readers to tell in text if I'm happy, mad, sad, joking, being sarcastic, stating the facts, or complaining.

Yes, you win Anonymous. You were successful in upsetting me. How dare you say I'm ungrateful! You have no idea of the prayers, fasting, blessings, and temple attendance that has been offered on behalf of my baby. No idea! So just click away.


The Whiddens said...

K, where is this anonymous comment? Or did you delete it?
Honestly Ashlee, don't even worry about what other people think or let it upset you. It IS your blog and you can write whatever the heck you want.
I didn't think your last post was "complainy" at all. You have had such a hard time as it is with this pregnancy (not to mention the previous one) that you deserve to complain about swollen ankles as much as you want!

Ashlee said...

I was so hurt by the comment that I deleted it. It was a toss up between restricting my blog or deleting the comment and then not allowing any anonymous comments anymore. I thought I'd start with the latter.

Heather said...

I am sorry to hear about that! Some people can be very ignorant. Hey, you are very pregnant in the heat of summer,(i could never do that, all my babies are spring or late winter) and it is YOUR blog.:)

Josh and Shauna Rhodenizer said...

Hey Ash! I didn't see the comment but all I can say is you have been through SO much trying to get this baby here that even if you did want to complain it's your right! There are so many people that I'm sure would give anything to be able to have those pains...and when they do have them I'm sure they will appreciate being in that situation as much as you do but guess what... IT STILL HURTS!!! So just continue telling it like it really is instead of sugar coating it! That's why we love ya! I think you were one of the few to actually agree that I was the size of a house!(we all know I was). I love being able to check on here and see how you're REALLY doing!

Shauna (and Josh and kids)

Carrie said...

Stupid Anonymous people! I can't believe they have to hide behind that word just so they can go and bug other people! You weren't complaining at all! Trust me. I know what complaining sounds like when your preggo! LOL!

I think you can block anonymous comments from coming in?

Take care sweetie! You're in your last trimester, you can do WHATEVER you want and get away with it! You are sooo allowed!

Kim said...

AMEN SISTER!!! Good for you! Pregnancy is HARD...for ANYONE. I'm sure EVERY woman has complained at some point during a pregnancy. Anonymous blows.

Skye and Aaron said...

AS IF! I didn't see it either, but oh my gosh, what a jerk! I've yet to meet a woman who has a breezy pregnancy! It's hard, and difficult! Yeesh!!!!!!!!!