Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Bit More Camping (Writing on Stone)

We went camping at Writing on Stone again this weekend. Tim's dad was driving up from Vegas so we thought we'd camp close to the US border for him. Tim's sister, Rachel, and her family came out too. We had a good time. The food was super yummy! And Tim even lost a bet that he and I made so he had to do all our dishes that day. However the BUGS were insane. They drove us all bonkers. They were kinda like little fruit flies and they were everywhere -- up your nose, in your eyes, in your mouth, you name it! As usual we spent time down at the river and in the hoodoos. I stuck to strolling through the hoodoos this time though -- no more climbing for me. I don't bend so well at 7.5 months pregnant. For more pictures click on the Camping 2008 (Part 2) Photos (Page 3) link on the left of the blog. And click on any of the pictures below to make them bigger.

Tim and the dogs stopped for a picture with me:
Jul4-7.08_Writing on Stone Camping 049
Tim & Dex jumping from hoodoo to hoodoo:
Jul4-7.08_Writing on Stone Camping 016
Taking a break (33 weeks pregnant):
Jul4-7.08_Writing on Stone Camping 044
Either my belly's getting bigger or my shirts are shrinking -- I think it's the latter (haha):
Jul4-7.08_Writing on Stone Camping 053
Family photo at our campsite:
Jul4-7.08_Writing on Stone Camping 075

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Carrie said...

You are looking GREAT! I can't even see your swelling! I definitely can sympathize though. I swelled BAD with my first! Enjoy all the camping and spending time with the hubby! Looks like fun!