Tuesday, September 18, 2007

You not want yer food!

Tim and I love Chinese Food. It’s at the top of the list for us. We decided to go out on a date. Our plan was to do dinner (Chinese food) and then go and see Transformers. Well we didn’t have much luck. We went to our favorite Chinese food restaurant to find it closed and FOR SALE. Crap! We decided to go to the Chinese restaurant that shares a parking lot with the movie theatre. The restaurant was pretty much empty. There were a few tables (with their food already) and two ladies waiting at the front for their To Go orders. Perfect right? Wrong! When our server (a middle aged woman from Russia) brought us our water we placed our order: the Dinner For Two plus three Eggrolls. Simple right? Wrong! The restaurant quickly filled up behind us. After sitting there for 25 minutes we got our three eggrolls. And then we continued to wait and wait and wait for our meal. Our server was the rudest person ever. To the tables next to us we’d see her come and drop off a plate of food by slamming it on the table and then turning away quickly without saying a word. And to add to our irritation the phone in that place would.not.stop.ringing! The ringer must have been on high. It was so loud that at times I sat there with my ears covered (yes, THAT loud). Finally 40 minutes in we got our plate of steamed white rice. We thought our meal was finally coming. Wrong! After another 10 minutes (the steamed rice was now cold rice) and seeing 4 tables that had come after us receive their food and finish their food before we even got our meal, we were beyond ticked. The show was starting! We got up and stopped at the front to pay for our three eggrolls. While we were paying our server comes out of the kitchen and says "You not want yer food!". We told her that we wanted our food 45 minutes ago and that since we’ve been there we’ve seen other tables, that came after us, finish their meals. Well her excuse for them getting their food (which was the exact same Dinner For Two) before us was because we had eggrolls. Oh my bad! I didn’t realize that if you ordered eggrolls then you had to wait an hour for your food. No tip for you!

We went to the theatre hungry. I had a hot chocolate and Tim has theatre nachos (not so yummy). But the show was awesome!


The Whidden Family said...

Ahahahaha! We used to live right behind that Chinese restaurant and we had SOOOO many bad experiences with that place. I'm sorry that place had to ruin your dinner!

Kim said...

OH man! So sucky and theatre nachos...dude I hate them but always order them because popcorn hurts my tummy. Hot Choco? At the theatre? Right on, oh and LOVE that movie, what did you think?

Skye and Aaron said...

That's hilarious!!! So which fave restaurant of yours closed down?? I'm still dying to see that movie! I've heard only good stuff!

Ashlee said...

We LOVED Transformers. Tim even remember all the names from back in the '80s of the different Transformers too. It's at the Movie Mill right now..so cheap tickets!

Our favorite Chinese restaurant was Peking Gardens. Trashy, but we loved their buffet. The Health Inspector probably found a dead cat or something and that's why it closed and is now for sale. hehe

Skye - where do you go for Chinese here in Lethbridge? I love.love Mings in Cardston, but that's a bit of a drive.