Saturday, July 17, 2010

Calgary Zoo

When we went up to Okotoks to meet baby Tayden we also went to the zoo. Kinsey loves animals and we thought this would be so fun. I'll be honest...she liked the zoo, but didn't love the zoo. It was a lot of watching animals sleep in the far back corner of a pen. Not so exciting for her. Her favorite was hands down all the butterflies. She loved that place. (Such a girl eh?) And the new Dinosaurs Alive scared her to bits. Every time one roared or moved she would climb up Tim and hide while saying "Too Scared!" hehe

Take her to the zoo to see all the animals and all she wants to do is talk on the phone!

Yep, more phone talking!
Too scared!!
Hurry quick! Take the picture before she realizes there's another dinosaur behind us!

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