Saturday, October 03, 2009

Keeping Up?

How do you keep up? Being a Mommy is busy work. I feel like I'm always playing catch-up with my journal keeping. It bugs me. For some reason it keeps falling to the bottom of the list after housework, grocery shopping, meals, exercise, and play.

I hate being behind in my journal. But I don't know when the best time is to do it. Should I wake up early before Kinsey and do it then or should I catch up on some sleep? Should I do it while she naps or is that a good time to do some housework? Should I do it when she goes to sleep at night, but that's when I usually workout. And it doesn't seem to happen when we're both awake. And let's not bring up Facebook. I just don't know.

I'm thinking of setting aside one day a week for my journal and organizing my home videos and pictures. A specific day! A just do it day. Do you think that'll work?

When do you journal? How do you get it all done?


Skye and Aaron said...

I'm finding a hard time getting that done too! I usually do it when the kids are napping....but only when i remember! I'm awful! Let me know what works for you, and maybe i'll try it out too! :)

Francis Family said...

That's what my blog is for, for now. I used to journal but ya i'm lucky if I keep up with their baby books let alone a journal. I need to be more in depth on my blog cuz I want to print it off into a book one day. Just jot things down, or while you on the computer make a journal file and quickly say the latest or things you want to remember and save it, then you can always go back. i did that since the twins are born and it's awesome when I write in their baby books I just open it up and read what happened. Heck I have THE worst memory so I have to do that. Hope that helps! Good luck! (This is long)

Amanda said...

Its hard keeping up, isn't it?! I limit the time I am on the computer for blogging. So I normally will blog when Josh is napping or in bed for the night. When I do blog I only give myself a half hour at most to get all the pictures and words written I want. That leaves time for me to clean, or get supper ready or just take time for ME! It really is hard finding a balance but I know it can be done! Good luck!