Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bad Fall... My Poor Kinsey

So we've had a few not so fun days around here. Our poor Kinsey is not feeling so well. Tuesday morning Kinsey was in the kitchen with Tim and well... she fell out of her highchair (don't ask). We were hoping it was just a bad fall and that she was all fine. No such luck. She wouldn't move her right arm. Not at all. She just kept crying and her wouldn't even try to move her little arm. So we took her to the ER.

We went over to Raymond Hospital as I hate the wait in Lethbridge. They're so good there. So quick. They got us in right away. They checked her arm out and said she was for sure favoring her right arm. So now they wheeled her over to the xray machine and on the way there she opens her eyes (she fell asleep on the way to the hospital) and sees all these people looking at her and gives us a big smile and says "Hi". Then the crying started again (poor baby). Xray was not fun. We had to twist her little arm all different ways to get some different xrays. They gave us the results immediately...

Kinsey has a cracked elbow. So not fun! However it's not really bad as they couldn't see it very well on the xray. The doctor told us to come back in a few days if she seems to be still favoring her arm.

So now it's been a few days and I'm not sure what to do. She's now using her arm again, which is so good, but I know her elbow must still be really sore. She cries so hard when I try and put her shirt on or putting her arm through her carseat straps or if she just puts too much weight on it. Last night she tried getting off the couch and twisted her arm.... Let's just say that a LOT of crying followed that. I feel so bad for her. I wish I could switch her elbows. But we've been told that even with a crack that they probably wouldn't cast her arm cuz little kid's bone heal so well and so quickly that they'd just let it be. So I just don't know.

So here's my Kinsey in a giant hospital bed:
And on a happy note... check out my cute Halloween Kinsey:


the burnt daisy said...

That is so sad!! It's terrible when they are hurt and there is nothing you can do about it. They are so helpless. Time should be fired from dadship, haha kidding. We all make mistakes, me definately included!! Hope she feels better soon! poor girl.
Cute Halloween picture too, she is adorable. She makes me want to hug her everytime I see her in a picture! She is so cute.

The Whiddens said...

Poor poor Kinsey! Aw that just makes me so sad for her!

Kimberly Yuill said...

Last time she was in a hospital bed she was REALLY little! Poor little Kins! On a happier note, I love her Halloween outfit and bows!