Friday, September 11, 2009

Camping at Little Bow

Tim was off so we went camping. Are you surprised? We decided to try out Little Bow. I've never been there. Tim grew up there. Well not exactly, but he grew up in Champion which is only minutes away from Little Bow. With all the kids back in school we had the campground to ourselves. We had fun hiking, riding bikes, fishing, playing on the swings, swimming the dogs, and eating campfire pies.

Here's our campsite:
Kinsey & Tim went for a walk:
A little hike along the water:
Maybe it wasn't a "little" hike. Kinsey got tired:

Watching the dogs play in the water:Looking for good skipping rocks with Daddy:It was so pretty there:
Can you see that black line across my bum? Well I have a bruise across my bum shaped like that line. My tailbone is so sore. I jumped back when a wasp came at me and tripped on the campfire ring. It was ugly. I have two huge bruises on my calves where the ring caught them and a giant bruise on my tailbone where I landed on the ring. It's ouchie!

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The Anderson Family said...

Looks like a fun trip. Nice butt ring. That totally sucks. Bruised tailbones are the worst. At least you got away from the wasp!