Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kinsey's Daddy

Kinsey has the best daddy! She is one lucky little girl She adores her daddy. When he comes home from work she attaches herself to him and nothing can get her off him. She knows when Daddy goes outside she gets to go with him. Thank goodness we finally got one of those baby hiking backpack things for poor Tim. They do everything together outside -- feed and play with the dogs, mow the lawn, weed wack, you name it! Daddy is her favorite. He's so good to her. I always knew he'd be a great daddy. Happy Father's Day Tim!

This is the card/poster that "Kinsey" made for her Daddy. We put it on the wall so he'd see it when he walked in the door from nightshift.


The Whiddens said...

Ashlee, you are such a cute little Mom to "help" Kinsey make that. Although I don't even know Tim, he look like a pretty good Daddy :)

Amanda said...

I hope Tim had a great first Father's Day. Isn't it fun to be able to make up stuff and spoil daddy's!